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Sep 28, 2010

FREE Webcast: Horse Fencing

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Download a PDF of the presentation slides [3 MB].

Summary: Effective horse fencing is an important component of horse facility management and one that should be carefully planned considering purpose, pasture use, horse groups, aesthetics and other factors.

In this presentation, Dr. Chris Skelly will identify the key elements of horse fencing and offer valuable resources to help you plan a fence that best meets your facility management needs.

Presenter Information: Dr. Christine Skelly is an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Science at Michigan State University. She earned her doctorate at Texas A&M University with a research focus on equine nutrition and exercise physiology. In 1995, she joined the Department of Animal Science faculty at Michigan State University as the Equine Extension Specialist for Adult Programs.

As a cofounder and the director of curriculum for My Horse University, Christine is responsible for developing online horse management courses. She is a member of the HorseQuest Team – the eXtension community of practice, and serves as the liaison between My Horse University and eXtension.